CSR (corporate social responsibility)

CSR Training

We provide executive, specialist and short courses in CSR taught by humanitarian professionals from a wide variety of backgrounds in the field.  Our focus is in accountability and sustainability with specialist courses developing in areas such as social auditing, accounting and reporting. These courses can be tailored to meet the unique needs of individual companies and participants and organizations.

CSR Executing partner

Coactions work as an executing partner to the organizations CSRs working under following domains:- Child, youth development Environment Education We have extensive experience in executing the projects in above domains. We work with corporates as a executing partners of CSR to achieve the desired outcomes.
CSR audits We have experience in executing, planning, monitoring and evaluation of CSR projects falling under youth and child development and information management. We fill in this gap and help organizations to perform third party CSR audits. We draw our audit guidelines and policy, which is altered according to the objectives, strategy of the CSR and kind of the organization. CSR Audit helps organizations to achieve transparency to the management in terms of the resources spent and the outcome / output achieved by the executing partners of the CSR project or program