Information and Knowledge management

We are an enthusiastic team, who believe information and knowledge management is a crucial component in the overall organization’s success. Knowledge and information management is not limited to databases or repositories however it is a holistic approach towards the study of the flow of information, data and knowledge and aligning it to the vision and mission of the organization.

Our objective is to reach out to the organizations in the development sector to support their information and knowledge solutions. Invariably organizations fail to realize the potential of the information and knowledge capture, sharing and dissemination and its enormous impact on the efficiency and cost effectiveness on the organizational work. We are motivated to bring in the best practices of information and knowledge management to our partner organizations.

We work together with partner organizations on building knowledge management strategy and organizational knowledge artifacts such as repositories, analytics, data visualization, derived data and information standards and much more to enable organizations to become a knowledge based organization which can share and disseminate knowledge across it’s stakeholders in a meaningful and comprehensive way. Decision making in the knowledge based organization is more informed, smarter and faster. Taking small steps towards best practices towards knowledge, information and process management help the organizations achieve their goals faster. Coactions strive to work towards getting best information solutions to it’s partner organizations in knowledge and information management.